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How to buy cheap Camel cigarettes

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Camel is one of those few brands that are well-known worldwide and are considered to be a universal quality standard. Brands often evolve throughout the course of their existence as a means of adapting with changing consumer behaviors and patterns, one such example of a brand that has followed suit with this trend is Camel Cigarettes.

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Camel is a brand owned by American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco which was founded in the summer of 1913.

Their primary products are varieties of cigarettes which include Camel Silver, Camel Full Flavour, No. 9 a blend of Menthol and Regular, Turkish Royal, and Turkish Silver to name a few. The typical price for a pack of camel cigarettes begins at around six dollars and may increase depending upon the variety purchased as well as cost of state sales tax which will also drive up price. Several rival cigarette companies exist in the market most of which price their product at around the same level to stay competitive.

The tag price for a pack of cigarettes may appear to be relatively inexpensive. However, the real hook involves the chemical properties contained in the cigarette particularly that of nicotine. This ingredient has proven to be physically addictive and keeps the consumer purchasing pack after pack. When cigarette companies acquire a new customer often they have a customer for life.

The most common place a cigarette can be purchased is in a corner convenience store. However, discount cigarettes can be found in vending machines, airport duty-free shops which allow people to purchase cartons exempt of taxes, and even on ships that sail to international waters to circumvent tax laws.

One of the earlier promotion strategies for Camel circa post World War 2 was the use of a circus camel 'Old Joe' which was driven through town and used to distribute free cigarettes. Old Joe was used on the package and became the brand trademark for Camel Cigarettes. In 1987 R.J Reynolds Tobacco created a cartoon character known as "Joe Camel." This was a complete redesign of the unassuming Old Joe who was just a desert animal. Joe Camel was essentially a camel in human form. He was portrayed to be hip, cool, and generally desirable in all of the ad campaigns by Camel Cigarettes. The mascot Joe Camel was a highly controversial character due to the fact that it appealed to children and the youth, those that were not legally old enough to purchase cigarettes. In 1991 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study showing that more children five and six years old could recognize Joe Camel than could recognize Mickey Mouse, this fed the fuel to the fire of allegations that Joe Camel was made to appeal to children. After years of legal battles between the Camel tobacco company and the American Medical Association Camel was forced to cede their creation of Joe Camel. They relinquished the mascot and reverted back to their traditional trademark of "Old Joe" the desert camel.

The case of mascot Joe Camel is just another example of how marketing ad campaigns change over the years, sometimes by choice due to changing consumer demands, and sometimes the burden brought forth by a successful marketing campaign may be more then a company can handle, as in the case of Joe Camel.

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